Robbins Candle Co.

Contact Information: [email protected]

Robbins Candle Co. is a North London Based, family run business. We make and sell candles that are kinder to you and the environment, offering a clean, long-lasting burn in a variety of scents! ⁠

We are giving you luxurious hand-poured candles made with the most beautiful blend of biodegradable soy wax, free from paraffin & phthalates.⁠

We are in early stages, specialising in exclusive elegant scent ranges, and currently have an amazing Chirstmas collection available! The plan is to bring you new scented candles all year around. All of our candles are hand poured with bio-degradable soy wax and non-toxic oils. We take pride in creating high quality scented candles, that are not only Vegan, but also Phthalates & Animal Cruelty Free.

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