Our aims are to provide our readers with a modern publication that seeks to celebrate Enfield’s unique culture, local news and events. This magazine is filled with interviews, tips from experts, articles and adult/children friendly activities, all focused on engaging the community.

Our magazines are distributed free of charge to the local community, ensuring that the reach and impact of our sponsors and advertising partners is maximised throughout the borough!

Why advertise with us?

Our magazine is here to help local
business grow!

Advertising your business is all about understanding your customers and what they’re looking for.

This magazine is printed in A5, perfect for customer consumption. We print quarterly meaning your business is circulated and marketed to the local community for over four months.

We pride ourselves on having a minimum of 40% advertisements to 60% articles. Encouraging our readers to engage with the magazine and its advertisers. We aim for a 30% to 70% ratio, to make your business standout!

We print 10,000 copies for each publication and distribute to over 50+ locations, including local cafes, shops, events and more…

We also publish the magazine online with links to your website or social media, connecting you with a much bigger audience!

Sizes & Prices

Quarter Page

 Price: £90

 Size 105mm height x 74mm width

Banner ad

 Price: £110

 Located on pages with articles or activities.

High Visibility. Limited Availability.

Size 70mm height x 148mm width

Half Page

 Price: £160

 Size 105mm height x 148mm width

Full Page

 Price: £280

 Size 210mm height x 148mm width

Premium Pages

 Price: £320

  Located on the inside of the back page. 


 Size 210mm height x 148mm width

 Price: £480

  First two pages of the magazine. 

 Size 420mm height x 296mm width

Double Page

 Price: £420

Two Full Pages.

 Size 420mm height x 296mm width

Back Page

 Price: £480

Size 210mm height x 148mm width

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