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Yoga Rocks – Yoga and Pilates Studio

At Yoga Rocks hot yoga and Pilates studio, our vision is to create and foster a welcoming, safe environment of wellbeing, community, and personal growth.  We are firm believers in the universality of yoga, in the acceptance of others, and ourselves – and the many positive changes that can result through the practice, in both body and mind and we’d love to share that.

Yoga is not about doing the splits or standing on your head!  At its core is the practice of training and focusing the mind, and being present in the moment.   Through the practice of Yoga with its focus on breath and movement – we can learn to pay attention to the ‘now’ rather than allowing our minds to dwell on the past or future.  Life’s beauty lies here in the present, and it’s something worth working towards – even if it is sometimes challenging!

With roots founded in ancient yogic wisdom – you can show up to any of our classes for a fantastic hot yoga practice.  We also offer a multitude of differently themed classes that reflect and cater to the different styles, abilities, and needs of our practitioners.

Whether you are a seasoned yogi or just curious to see what this storm of yoga hype is about,  we welcome all to Yoga Rocks!


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