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Sherine is a Neurohypnotherapist, Visibility Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Soulpreneur, and Author of the book ‘The AHA Moment’. She has been in practice for the past 20 years and suggests that the reason problem behaviors persist is because they are deeply rooted in childhood patterns.

No longer suffering from the challenges of a life-long weight problem Sherine truly believes that we don’t really recognize just how powerful our brains are. That we get stuck because we don’t use our brain optimally, in how it likes to work. And so, she is acutely aware of the need to use the correct tools for the task.

This is what her iCAN® Model, a program that she developed is all about, harnessing our brain in the optimum way to achieve maximum results for the least amount of effort

Sherine works with both men and women and also provides an online mentoring program called, ‘Woman of Substance’ which is designed to help highly sensitive women confidently put themselves first, easily navigate their relationships and live a lifestyle that is healthier, loving, and divinely feminine

Find out about the #Women of Substance program with Sherine

Book: “The AHA Moment: How to maximize results for the least amount of effort”


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