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The Tigon and the Liger

The property

Based on the book by Keilly Swift, Adapted and directed by Pete Dowse


Tyler the tigon was terribly rare. A big cat like him isn’t found everywhere. Unique from his ears to his tail to his tum, his dad was a tiger, a lion his mum…


The return of 2019’s summer smash!  The Tigon and the Liger is a stage adaption of Keilly Swift’s rhyming picture book which celebrates diversity and encourages us all to love the skin we are in.


Told using many styles to engage all the senses including mime, rhyme, sign, and song alongside puppet characters The Tigon and the Liger will leave you with a warm feeling inside and the assertion that it takes all sorts to make a world.


With brand new additions to the script, The Tigon and the Liger promises to be even bigger and better this year – a brilliant show for inquisitive minds. “It’s simply incredible,” says Keilly Swift.


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