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N0CO2. Could people really allow climate change to wreck our Planet?

This is what brought us together. We are determined to do what we can to stop climate change!

We see a lot of people are now concerned about climate change. But what we also see is people don’t know what to do about it. They feel helpless. It all seems too difficult.N0CO2 Planting Trees

This is why we set up N0CO2 – so people can do something about it. We make it easy for people to remove the CO2 emissions they create, and easy to reach out to others. So people can do their bit to stop climate change.

We are a volunteer managed non-profit organisation.

We felt we must do something to protect our planet from being wrecked by climate change. So we spent our own time and money to set up N0CO2.

Now you can do something about it too.

What causes global warming? 80% is caused by fossil fuels we use: petrol, diesel, gas and air travel

Burning coal oil and gas creates CO2 which causes global warming. Now you can do something about it. Plant trees! Because trees remove your CO2 footprint. We make it easy by planting trees for you.

What can you do? Plant enough trees to remove ALL your CO2 footprint!

For every £10 we will plant 90 trees. Act now and you can do your bit to stop heat, drought, flooding and sea-level rise from wrecking life on Earth for our children and grandchildren – and for our wildlife too.

What are the benefits of planting trees?

Where we plant trees, this provides meaningful paid work which reduces extreme poverty and transforms lives. Planting trees also restores healthy forests for animals and birdlife.

Why to plant your trees?

Low cost per tree. Provides paid work for families in extreme poverty. And creates new habitats for wild animals and birds.

How much does it cost?

You choose! Remove your CO2 from £20 One-Time Donation or £6 per month. To remove ALL your fossil fuel for 1 person we need to plant 1,750 trees. We plant 1,750 trees for you for £16 a month, or a one-time donation of only £187!

To find out more visit our website.

N0CO2 Mangroves

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