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Meet the Loving Social Media Team

Hiya, I’m Rianna the account manager for our purple team! Facebook is my favourite platform because it’s the easiest place to share into groups and message people. A fun fact about me is that I’m a huge film nerd!

meet the loving social media team


Job role: Operations manager

Favourite platform: Linkedin because not that many people use it effectively and it has massive opportunities for personal brands

Fun fact: I can recite films like nothing you’ve ever seen before

Love that social media in enfiled

Hello! I’m Stelios the Operations Manager for Loving Social Media. I really enjoy working on LinkedIn n because it has massive opportunities for personal brands and people don’t seem to use it effectively. I have a great memory when it comes to films and can recite them like nothing you’ve ever seen before!.

Loving social media


Job role: Director of happiness

Favourite platform: Facebook, because I’ve grown up with it and its really diverse, more than people know

Fun fact: i can do a pirouette or chess champion at 11


How much does it cost for us to look after your social media and SEO?

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We love to save you time on your social Media Link to the price list

The premier digital marketing agency for small to medium-sized businesses, do look after your social media so you don’t have to.

What we do

Here at Loving Social Media, we create an effective digital marketing strategy for your company to thrive. Our team of experts works to turn around the business fortunes by ensuring you have the best digital solution possible! In today’s digital world, great businesses are being left behind. We have the joined-up approach that leads to results. We can take all of the stress away from your business’s digital marketing and improve your online visibility and profitability.

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Loving local Saturday morning show

We do this by managing your digital marketing!

  1. social media management
  2. SEO consulting services
  3. web design services

“The first time that I got really excited about Digital Marketing was when I discovered MySpace. From then on, I began to understand how you can successfully get your website to reach the very top of Google. I became obsessed with the power of social media.”

Back in 2004, Garry opened his very own optician “Good Looking Optics” in the heart of the Enfield community. It became a hybrid of optometry and digital marketing, running his optician’s downstairs and a media agency upstairs. These two worlds collided, and in turn, created a thriving business.

Good Looking Optics were recognized by Facebook as the first Opticians in the world to ever use Facebook Live, Facebook Groups, and build a community online, which to this day we are so proud of. Not long after, Loving Social Media was born.

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Ryan Rainford delivers his testimonial for Garry Kousoulou of Loving Social Media. Ryan explains how LSM has helped his business (Freshview Blinds) grow by expanding its SM presence
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