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Kenza Designs : Eunice Decampi

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The founder of Kenza - Eunice

Interior designer Eunice De Campi is a lot like her work: meticulous in approach, international in outlook, imaginative and sophisticated. 

An alumna of the National Design Academy and a former accountant (working for a multi-million-pound construction company), Eunice is admired for having a head for detail (“great design is in the details”) and an eye for trends. Her projects reflect an ability to translate her clients’ desires into composite designs that are aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound. Creative to the core, she is lauded by her clients for her ability to skillfully transform the unlikeliest of spaces into triumphs of design know-how.

Kenza Design is a Hertfordshire-based interior design consultancy. The clients are predominantly from London and Hertfordshire, but not exclusively. Clients point to Kenza’s timeless aesthetic, neat detailing, and structured approach as the reason why they commission its services.


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