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GD Osteopathy & Sports Massage

The property

GD Osteopathy & Sports Massage provides Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and Sports Massage treatments in Enfield. We are located next to Eaton Road at 61a Southbury Road, between the Letting Agent and Hair Salon. Simply enter the building and use the intercom provided to call up to either Office 1 or 2.

If you are suffering with pain, or you are not sure which way to turn, give us a call or email to discuss your needs. The Clinic is Health and Wellness based and aims to assist patients and clients in unlocking their own healing potential. GD’s Practitioners provide knowledgeable and effective therapy to all ages.

Patients seek treatment for:

* Headaches

* Neck and Shoulder Pain

* Back Pain and Sciatica

* Arthritic Pain

* Muscle Tension

* Sports Injuries

* Hip, Knee and Ankle Pains

* Pregnancy related pains; including Synthesis Pubis Dysfunction

* Trapped Nerves

* Tendon and Ligament Strains



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