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Locus Coaching

How you speak and present yourself in the world is an expression of your personality and intent like no other. It needs to be right. You need to be happy with your voice and your own presence.


While most of us grow up and learn to speak, being able to speak well and effectively is a skill that needs to be honed.


How our words are perceived by others is so “key” to success, freedom, and happiness. Why wouldn’t you want to get it right, be in control of how you communicate and… even enjoy it?

When you work with Locus, the whole process of having a great and influential voice in the world is covered, from finding your own authentic voice and clearing any obstacles or negative mindsets getting in your way, to connecting with others, confidently, insightfully, and successfully.

The Locus


Literally, the “locus” is a point from which other points circulate. So our work together at Locus Coaching starts with you as the locus – your vision, your experience, and your beginning point; working from your personal journey, towards where you want to be.

You are the expert of “you” so you have the answers as to who you are and where you want to be; they are just there to be uncovered. What you need or want to learn will become apparent and I create a program suited just for you. It is never a case of “one size fits all”. You fit the learning to your size.

Locus Coaching offers a blend of training and coaching. I work with you either as a private client, or if you are an organisation/business looking to find training or coaching for staff.



Communication makes the world go round

My mission is to help you to be a great communicator in any and every situation. To be heard and believed and someone who influences others. If “All the world is a stage”, as Shakespeare said, then we need to be able to play our parts with passion and expertise.

Great communication inspires people, and ideas and creates great working and personal living environments, loyalty, business, and friendship.

Poor or weak communication costs time, money relationships, tempers, clients, and friends.

Really, it is communication that makes the world go round and stops it when it is poor or disconnected.

I work with you if you are very nervous, even phobic, of speaking in public, or if you are a seasoned speaker who wants to get better to gain success… and everywhere in between.

You may be very confident in one area of speaking in public, but when it comes to another situation you find yourself shut down. It may be that when you are managing others you struggle to find the right tone, while you are confident standing up in front of a crowd of strangers. Whatever your make-up, together we can expand your speaking and listening comfort zone.

If your body and mind are aligned, you will communicate to the best ability.

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