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Landlords Plus specializes in evicting problem tenants and educating landlords.

We also act for commercial landlords in collecting their rent arrears and are well versed in CRAR (Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery).

Both residential evictions and commercial CRAR have been affected by COVID-19 – which is an area, in which we have been able to assist our clients. COVID-19 rules change and as such affect the legal process.

We are proactive and efficient in the services we offer our clients, which range from multiple landlords to a single unit landlord (and/or their agents) – throughout England and Wales.

All our clients benefit from the basic FREE LEGAL ADVICE – WITHOUT OBLIGATION – irrespective of whether we are instructed or not – so that they overcome the legal issues associated with heavy regulations of lettings.

Our clients save time, expense, and the stress related to letting issues, much of which is not known to the landlord (and their agents).


Our aim is to guide our clients through the whole eviction process and get them on the right track to protect their investment. We are supported by our company solicitors who deal with the Court action, in the event, we are unable to resolve matters amicably.

We have an experienced and dedicated team, led by our founder and now strategist, Markos T Markou, who is multiple property owners and has been in the legal profession for nearly 45 years. We have an in-house support team, including a process serving the department for

landlords and agents who want legal documents served, for an agreed FIXED PROCESS SERVING FEE.

Landlords Plus has a group of in-house and external property experts, who specialize in different areas of property law. We have the edge over competitors because we are property specialists, many within the Libra House Business Centre, which enables us to give valuable advice.

Our founder member is a multiple property owner/landlord and therefore understands the issues faced by landlords and his legal background allows our company to think “outside the box”. We give practical and meaningful advice with innovative solutions, which save time, and money and prevent much stress related to issues of what is often a valuable investment property.


Feedback suggests that many who advise lack expertise in this area of property law. Clients are uncertain as to the process and legal costs, so they proceed in an uninformed way. As can be seen, our company is open and transparent. We are also able to take proper instructions from the outset to ensure that we have a full understanding of our client’s case so that we have the best opportunity to get the best result for our client.

Libra House Business Centre has “state-of-the-art” IT systems that enable quick & effective communication. When necessary, we have the ability to work remotely from anywhere in the free world (so long as there is access to the internet).

We often remove the risk of matters becoming acrimonious by explaining the position to the tenant on behalf of the landlord and encouraging the tenant to seek independent advice. A common problem is that whereby parties become entrenched in their positions and do not settle matters – and the Court determines the action, it is too late, as the “landlord and tenant” relationship has been destroyed and considerable legal costs have been unnecessarily incurred.


Our first priority is to see if the problems you face can be resolved amicably, as we believe that “prevention is better than cure”. If this is not possible our second priority is to get your property back and analyze your case to advise you, so you know about any obstacles from the outset. In order to do so, we advise clients, to be open and transparent about the position, otherwise, this could cause matters to become defended.

You will see that we set out FIXED FEES for undefended cases, so you are aware of our costs, with no hidden costs, which include works carried out by our company solicitors on behalf of clients who are happy to instruct them.

“Our company advise, guide, support and educate Landlords”


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