Is your home secure for summer?

With the summer holidays coming up you may be taking a short or long break away, or staying to enjoy the UK sun with a BBQ party at home. Keeping unwanted guests from entering your home should be a top priority; keeping you, your belongings and property safe and secure. Local security experts IKS Locksmiths and Third Eye Installation Systems share their ‘Top Tips’ in keeping your home safe and sound this summer.

As an experienced Master Locksmith specialising in home security in the North London area, I am all too familiar with summer security issues that occur time and time again. I would like to take this opportunity to offer my advice to help you avoid needing to call an emergency locksmith this summer!

1. Never leave windows open when you are out.

It might seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many break-ins happen because windows have been left open in the summer. Always make sure that all windows are not only closed – but also secured with key operated window locks. There are ways you can leave windows open when you are at home, while keeping home security levels high.

2. Install window restrictors.

I highly recommend installing window restrictors to allow you to open windows whilst protecting against intrusion. Furthermore, they help keep burglars out and children in! You may need them for ground floor windows and upper level windows.

3. Consider high security Plantation Shutters or Grilles.

Want to leave your windows open whilst you’re in the house or garden making the most of any sunny weather? Shutters and grilles can help to maintain high levels of security whilst windows are open. Increasingly popular, they can be tailored to complement most property styles. When installed by a specialist, they can enhance the look of a property.

4. On holiday – pretend you’re home!

When going on holiday remember intruders monitor homeowners’ habits. Create the illusion you’re home. Leaving lights on a timer, your car outside or ask someone to close blinds, ect. For more tips visit our online security Blog.

5. Deadlock your door when out and at night-time.

Even if you are just popping out for 10 minutes, use your insurance approved locks! This is particularly important in summer when people can become more relaxed about home security. Make sure that everyone in the house is onboard!

6. Secure garden and side gates well.

Side and garden gates are easily forgotten. In my experience they are a security weakness intruders lookout for. Gates are one of the main points of entry for burglars, especially in summer. Use a good lock for a gate. A good lock is a key operated one e.g. a padlock and hasp and staple.

7. Check your back doors are locked when you go out.

Double check back doors just before you go out, especially if you have children! My children go in and out of the garden to play in summer all the time. Intruders are on the lookout for homeowners’ careless mistakes. One last check each time you go out could save the day.

8. Be vigilant when having a summer party.

If you’re having a BBQ or party make sure your guests don’t accidentally leave the door on the latch. Home security is perhaps even more important at times when there are people coming and going from a property. It’s scenarios like this that can draw unwanted attention.

9. Keep valuables in a security safe.

A safe is good for securing valuables all year round. In summer it can be particularly useful for storing valuables when having a party or going away on holiday.

10. Prevention is key!

Home security due diligence could save you significant money, time and distress. A free security survey with your local Master Locksmith will cost you nothing and offer you reassurance that your home security is up to date.

I attend many emergencies where homeowners have returned from holiday to find their home has been burgled. It is especially frustrating for me, as a locksmith, when I see ways that the burglary could have easily been prevented.

These summer home security tips are based on years of experience as a qualified Master Locksmith. I see first-hand how intruders take advantage of homeowners daily. I hope these tips and insights help you to avoid becoming a victim of burglary.

Giving you peace of mind!

We highly recommend that every homeowner has a working, maintained alarm system which is a deterrent to any would-be intruder. Today’s alarms have the App facility where you can set/unset the alarm via your smart phone and it also receives notification of any activations so you know who is coming and going and when. Perfect for summertime where you are more likely to be out and about.

Which system can I use to protect my home?

There are only 4 grades of systems:

• Grade 1 is a DIY system which we would not install nor maintain; this system is easy for intruders to overcome and break into.

• Grade 2 is typically used in the home and small business/office and is difficult to overcome. Typically, we install Grade 2 intruder alarms (More information in online article)

• Grade 3 is used in larger homes and warehouses where there is high end stock.

• Grade 4 is used for banks etc.

Is maintenance important?

Not only is it important to install a quality alarm system but also to have it regularly maintained to ensure it is in good working order. Third Eye can carry out an Engineer Maintenance Service on your existing system which perhaps was installed by a builder or someone who has since moved away. The last thing you want is for your siren to go off for hours on end in the middle of the night because you haven’t had it serviced or had any battery changes!

Having an alarm is great, but make sure you use it – night and day. We leave leaflets with our customers advising them on other ways in which they can keep their home safe, including these TOP TIPS!

8 Top Tips

1. Tidy away gardening tools and ladders.

2. Lock up sheds/garages which may have handy tools for burglars.

3. Make sure that all door and window hinges are on the inside.

4. Install window locks and always use them when leaving the property.

5. When you move into a new home make sure you change your locks.

6. Don’t leave a spare key under a mat or flower pot!!!

7. Make sure you regularly service your alarm.

8. It speaks volumes to have a new illuminated Third Eye bell box.

Keeping a secure EYE on your property!

CCTV is becoming more and more popular with homeowners wanting to keep an eye on their property. Third Eye only install high quality systems using 5-megapixel cameras, as a minimum, which are connected to a recorder and images loaded onto your smart phone and/or ipad. We give 12 months’ guarantee parts and labour, so if anything goes wrong we are on hand to talk you through or revisit if necessary. We then offer you a further 12-month maintenance on the system and are always on hand to assist.

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