How to stay hydrated during the summer!

We are now into the warmest months of the year where we are going to be spending more time with friends and love ones. That may mean going abroad on holiday, taking a break somewhere nice in the UK or even attending social events.

One of the things that usually happens is we never increase our water intake during the warmer months to deal with the extra loss of fluids, due to us sweating more. In fact a lot of us under drink water throughout the year, which leads to our bodies not being able to function optimally.

Some of the signs that you may need to up your water intake:

1: Your urine is bright yellow. Our urine should be a light transparent tint of yellow.

2: Feeling fatigued a lot of the time. Not enough water will cause energy production to slow down.

3: If your sweat is very salty and/or
smelly. Our sweat should have a slight hint of salt in it if you taste. It should have an earthy aroma, similar to your natural body smell.

But why should we drink water you may be asking yourself? Does it really matter if I don’t drink enough? I would like to let you know that it makes a HUGE difference to how we function. Why, because we are made up of around 70% of water and water plays a major role in keeping our biochemistry balance so we can live. Interesting fact; we can survive no more than 7 days without water compared to 21 days without food.

Here are some benefits on how drinking enough water can benefit us:

Helps us burn fat better!

Decreases our cravings!

Decreases our aches and pains!

Keeps our skin glowing
and looking fresh!

Helps our mind stay sharp
and focused!

Now I know some of us don’t like the taste of water, but here are some ways to overcome drinking water if you are not a fan:

Just drink water!
Fill a cup and swallow.

Add some fruit to it. There are plenty of infusion bottles that you can add some natural flavor to.

Mix it with some squash. If you like/need some sweetness, then a little bit of squash can help make drinking water easier.

So how much water should you be drinking?

Here is a simple equation to work out your body’s optimal daily intake of water.

Hopefully you will find it useful.
For every 10kg / 1 ½ stone of bodyweight you should be drinking 330ml of water. To give a visual idea of what 330ml looks like, it’s the amount found in a typical soft drink can. For someone who is 70kg / 11 stones they should be having just under 2.5litres of water a day.

Use the equation below to work out your optimal daily intake of water :

Bodyweight in KGs x 0.033
Daily amount of water in litres.

I hope this has inspired you to drink more water!

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