Gemma’s Corner – Summer

Hi Enfield,

I hope that you are all keeping well and are looking forward to a nice Summer break, whether you are going away or having a “Staycation”, I hope that you have fun.

Over the past few months, our community has grown quite rapidly and we now have many new community members in our Facebook group. I would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who have shared important / interesting posts into the group and also those of you who have helped your community neighbours with recommendations when they have asked.

We have seen the opening of the Zebra Charity Coffee Shop, 51 people jumping from a plane to raise funding for the “In Sue’s Name” (Brain Tumour research) Charity and the newly established Transitions UK Charity coming to Enfield and of course we had the annual Race for Life, which I took part in, at Trent Park.

We have helped each other find suitable restaurants and coffee shops, builders, cakemakers, plumbers, tutors, gardeners, tree surgeons, cleaners and mobile phone repairs to name but a few…

This really is the best part of my role as I do feel that we are quite unique as a borough and we have the most helpful community group around.

I also love the fact that we all pull together for the good of each other and that we all care about things that happen in our area.

One story was when a lady posted that she had to rehome her kitten. Some of you were worried that the poor little soul could end up in the wrong hands so, I messaged the lady to ask her to be aware of whomever came forward or to even contact the Scratching Post charity.

Later that evening I had messages from a young man and his mother saying that they wanted to speak to the lady, so I asked her for her phone number and they contacted each other.

It was all quite dramatic as the lady needed the kitten gone that evening and so the lovely young man and his mother adopted him! He is now a part of their family and loving life with his new family and 6 other feline buddies. Love a happy ending and this little guy certainly got one!

We also had a story of 2 beautiful Anatolian Shepherd dogs (Luca & Koby) that were stolen from a back garden.

The Police were notified and they  advised to register with the local dog warden (which happened to be in Islington), to notif the RSPCA and Battersea Dogs Home. The local neighbourhood went viral with posting on social media and the theft was also logged with a charity online called “DOG LOST”.

People advised that as these dogs are originally Turkish herding dogs and are quite rare in the UK, it would be worth contacting local Turkish community breeders and one breeder had in fact been contacted by someone trying to sell these 2 male dogs!

Later that day, there was a call to the Police that 2 large male dogs were seen roaming freely in Southgate and the Dog Warden was sent out to collect them.

Luckily these 2 gentle giants were then returned home, shaken by their ordeal but unhurt.

So, please note that if your dogs are Lost or Stolen, notify all the organisations above and use social media. This can be a wonderful way to make something “too hot to handle” meaning that they are no longer sellable.

We have had many festivals and fetes around Enfield, including the Open-Air screening of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ in the Donkey Lane playing field, which sold out in minutes and was enjoyed by those lucky enough to have bagged themselves tickets.

We have seen the birth of the “CHiPS Communuity Help Point Scheme” which is a network of safe places in Enfield where young and vulnerable people can find help. Look for the ‘H’ logo and read more about this in the online article.

We saw the opening of the new Metro Bank in Enfield Town, celebrated with a fun and fantastic Flash Mob dance performance by Streetz Ahead.

The Loving Local Team launched our Community Show airing every Saturday morning on the Facebook group, with guest speakers and a general run down on everything local.

And we still have our very own daily weather forecast by the wonderful Nev G. We all look forward to seeing her outfits as she gives us the local forecast.

So as you can see, we have been very busy and it doesn’t look like its going to get any quieter.

Before I sign off I must just ask that if you see anything that could be of interest to your fellow members, like an event or a job vacancy or even if you just want to tell us about a great service you have been given.

Please do share it in a post on our Facebook group and if you know of any local people that aren’t yet members of the group, please invite them in. Joining the group is free!

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Loving Local

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