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Enfield, United Kingdom

Anna M Stapleton (nee Felli) is an accredited Life Coach (Noble-Manhattan) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner. Anna is also a best selling author, blog writer, mentor, public speaker and a Practice Health Champion (PHC) with a North London Medical Practice.

Anna helps people from many walks of life, including city professionals and entrepreneurs, young people and their families, to working mothers juggling the demands of modern life or retirees adjusting to new circumstances. Her extensive professional experience in the City and in the NHS, and ongoing involvement within the personal growth and development industries, enable her to work with English and Italian speaking clients around the world.

A specialist in mental and emotional freedom coaching, Anna has developed the ‘Defining Moments Coaching Process’. This process enables clients to identify the defining moments that are at the source of feelings of disempowerment. The process helps to uncover the limiting beliefs developed from these moments and gives the necessary steps and actions to regain the power to live a fulfilling life.

Find out how you can learn to #StopByDesign with Anna.

Book: Defining Moments - Reclaim Your Power & Live The Life You Love
In English or Italian

"This is a terrific book for anyone who is feeling a bit lost or lacking direction and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Don’t think about it – just buy it!” 

"Just read the book, cover to cover in one sitting. Such thought provoking and useful information. Can't wait to use what I have learned!"

"Amazing and superb...I suggest Everyone to read it !!!"

Contact Information
Phone: 07866 985742


  1. Stephanie Buck

    This book is a wonderful read and quite an honour to be let into someone’s personal journey – both the up’s and down’s. Thought-provoking and inspiring. I recommend this book to anyone at any point in their adult life. It’s a short read but leaves you with a good nudge to towards taking control of your own life choices.

  2. Janet Efere

    I have both read Anna’s book and had life coaching with her. She has such a depth of knowledge and, importantly, she encourages you to face the things that are in your own way (well at least she did with me!). If things are not quite working out as you wish they were, I strongly recommend you have a chat with Anna. She will sort you out!


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