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About Us

Loving Local

“It is perhaps a little known fact that money spent locally, stays locally and this is something we want to support. This is better for our local economy, small businesses and the community!”

Loving Local is an Enfield Businesses Website Directory encouraging local business owners to Connect and Engage with the local community!

We are “Loving Local Enfield” established in November 2008. Loving Local Enfield is a Facebook Community Group (formerly named Goodlooking Happy People Enfield) and a Facebook Like Page which retains the Goodlooking name as a legacy to our past. Our original goal is still at the heart of everything we do here at Loving Local, which is to build a platform for Local Community and Local Businesses to engage with each other in a way that would benefit both and be a catalyst in the growth and success of the London Borough of Enfield.

As of October 2017, it is estimated that Enfield’s population stands at 330,000 and could grow to as much as 354,300 by 2021.

The group today supports over 17,500+ local people across Enfield and the surrounding areas, with over 9,500 being regularly active. With the group growing fast there is always more to read and interact with. We encourage you to Invite your friends and family to join us so we can continue to build and support each other moving forward; collectively to make our London Borough of Enfield better! We always aim to be the best social media marketing company

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On ALL platforms we wholeheartedly encourage engagement and interaction whenever possible between our business and resident communities. We Stand for a United Community that is here to help each other Thrive and Grow..

Our Vision

To build an online community that understands and encourages the needs of the community to align with the business and services offered in the area. To build relationships with this community and retain more expenditure within the locality of Enfield. To encourage communication between retailers and residents. Offering support and delivering workshops and training to business members to support the growth of Enfield. To build a group of 600+ Businesses who are members of this group and Business Directory.

Our Mission:

Loving Local offers a Marketing Platform for Local Community Promotions, Advertising, Referrals, Reviews, Recommendations. Business Training and Advice, Online Networking, Online Business Support Group. Offering support and delivering workshops and training to business members to support the growth of Enfield. Supporting the Community. Supporting Local Charities.

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